Industry Background
Animal Health
Fibre Production
Fibre Marketing
Meat Production and Marketing
Pasture and Weed Control
Economic Analysis
Tanning Skins


B1 Basic Angora Husbandry
B2 Establishing an Angora Flock
B3 Annual Management Programme For Cashmeres
B4 Fencing for Goats
B5 Points to Note on Fencing
B6 Electric Fencing Hints
B7 Electric Fencing For Vermin and Wildlife: Fencing Design
B8 Yard Designs For Goats
B9 Handling Goats
B10 How to tell the age of goats
B11 Reproductive cycle of goats
B12 Manager's Guide for Breeding Fibre Goats part 1
B13 Manager's Guide for Breeding Fibre Goats part 2
B14 Management at Kidding
B15 Kidding Difficulties
B16 Rearing Orphaned Kids
B17 Intensive Kidding Systems
B18 Ear Tagging Goats
B19 Avoiding weather induced death in goats
B20 Western Division Management of Cashmere Goats
B21 Complementary Grazing of Pastures by Goats, Sheep and Cattle