Industry Background
Animal Health
Fibre Production
Fibre Marketing
Meat Production and Marketing
Pasture and Weed Control
Economic Analysis
Tanning Skins

Fibre Growth and Production

F1 Cashmere Growth Cycle and Skin Histology
F2 Special Characteristics of the Fine Fleeced Cashmere Goat
F3 The relative Length of Cashmere and Hair Fibres
F4 Harvesting Cashmere
F5 Shearing Goats: The Go-Down Technique
F6 Ranking on Down Production
F7 Sampling Cashmere fleece for testing
F8 Cashmere, Measurement of Yield and Fibre Diameter
F9 Record keeping and the use of measurement
F10 Computers - A useful tool
F11 Mohair First Management
F12 Producing Quality Mohair - Some Options For Growers
F13 Growing Longer Mohair
F14 Angora Registration & Recording